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Utmost Confidence
"I just picked my 14 yr old dog up from here and couldn't be happier! I've been using them for my dog's entire life; with the exception of a few times when I was out of state. Normally, if my dog was having a procedure, I'd be worried sick, but here, I have the utmost confidence in their abilities.
My parents also use her with a variety of animals, even wild bird, and as always she's treated every one of them with the dignity they deserve. Her diagnosis have always been right on the mark, and she's persistent in looking for an answer when one's elusive.
If you're looking for a place where you can feel confident that you're doing what's in your pet's best interest, Island Park Animal Hospital is your best option. And by the way, I love the post Hurricane Sandy renovations!"
-- Matthew B., Baltimore, MD – from Yelp
Dr. Ratner was right!!!
"Needless to say she took a quick look at my relatively young cat suspecting he had something even though I thought that was crazy. Dr. Ratner was right!!! my cat has found himself a vet!! :)"
-- Jen D., Plainview, NY – from Yelp
Nice and compassionate...family type place
"Dr. Ratner is really nice and helpful. She gets right to the point. At first I thought they were a little high and then a friend of mine took my little dogs to the North Shore Animal League health clinic and they were actually a little more. It cost me about $350 to get both dogs a check up and vaccinated. They both needed ear wash and an ointment so maybe that was a little more than usual.
I like the staff at Dr. Ratners too, they are all very nice and compassionate and enjoy working with the animals. It's a family type place.
-- Joni D., Island Park, NY – from Yelp
Don't go to any vet but Dr. Ratner
"If you live on the South Shore in Nassau County, don't go to any vet but Dr. Ratner. She and her staff actually care about what is best for your pet and not their wallets. Her prices are fair for services rendered, too. I only wish I had brought my animals to her sooner. I wasted a lot of time and money on so called caring vets. Dr. Ratner knows animals and how to best care for them. She is an expert in her field, has great intuition with animals and is truly a gem."
-- Donna – from Yahoo
Very fair on my prescriptions and fees. 
"Dr. Ratner is an excellent Vet. Dopey, a stray from 42nd Street, had great health for almost 20 years. Whitey, his buddy from 1994, is still going strong, despite bad breath, then an extraction, which she handled easily & mechanically. BX, orange tabby, has suffered a respiratory disorder for the last 5 years. No cure, she has prescribed daily antibiotics which have kept him going. Not perfect, probably the best solution. BX is a great Cat, found on the GW Bridge, June of 1999. Very fair on my prescriptions and fees. Overlook chairs, small room, and many patients: talent & skill trumps them every time."
-- Rick W., Atlantic Beach – from Yahoo
Above and beyond just doctor/patient service 
"Dr. Ratner at the Island Park Animal hospital has been a savior for my dog and I. Doctor Ratner shows a real concern & care about animals that she treats. Doctor Ratner was always accessible to talk, regardless if it was 10pm or 2am. She will call you back promptly and address your needs. In addition, she came into work on a day she was off to perform surgery on my puppy. Not only did she do the surgery but since she was not a 24 hour clinic, instead of leaving the puppy there and having someone check in on them, she took my dog to her personal home and watched her and cared for her overnight! This was a service that goes above and beyond just doctor/patient service. Not only did she care of my dog but called and gave me constant updates. Dr. Ratner and her staff are top notch and anyone would be lucky to have her as their doctor! Please do not get fooled by the tiny waiting room and the crowded waiting room. The heart that is put into the animals is anything but tiny!"
-- from Vetratingz.com
Great Experience
"I had a great experience with my visit to Dr. Ratners. My dog Shadow had a urine infection. I was able to book my appointment immediately. Once I arrived to the office there was no wait time. The staff is kind and efficient. Dr. Ratner muzzled my nervous dog during the exam which actually calmed her down. She was very thorough with the exam and did not try to sell me additional services some other vets have tried in the past. The bill was very reasonable also. I highly recommend her."
-- Ally M., Old Bethpage, NY – from Yelp
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