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Flea treatment

Complete Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Treatment

Fleas living in the fur are the most common parasitic problem with pets. The best defense against these blood-sucking parasites is a monthly topical medicine, such as Advantage, NexGard, Advantix, and Bravecto.

Finding the Right Treatment For Your Pet

Finding the right treatment is important, as fleas can cause severe itching, rash, and general discomfort. Fleas also spread parasites like tapeworms and diseases like Bartonella.

Taking the right steps can protect your pet year-round. Trust Island Park Animal Hospital to take care of your pet.

Protect From Ticks and Fleas All Year Long

Don't let your guard down when it comes to fleas and ticks. The worst time for fleas is the fall, and fleas will still be in the environment until it snows. 

Ticks carry different types of diseases including Lyme disease. Make sure your pet is protected.
Tick treatment

Preventing Heartworm Issues 

Heartworms are 6 to 8-inch thin worms that live in your animal's heart and lungs, blocking blood vessels. They are capable of causing a slow, painful death for any pet.

Symptoms include coughing, fainting, and trouble in breathing. The best way to prevent heartworm concerns is to provide your pet with medicine each month. 

If this is not treated, it can cause permanent damage to the heart and lungs, and perhaps even death. It can be treated and is preventable. Routine testing and prevention are recommended.

For more information, visit the Heartworm Society. We carry an assortment of products that fit every lifestyle, from a tablet to atypical treatments. Ask about the Heartgard and Interceptor applications.
Come in for your heartworm, flea and tick medication today!
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